Sunday, August 12, 2007

Doujin Work: Sort Of Awesome I Guess

 This anime is both easy and hard to like.

Doujin Work 02
After her short but fruitful introduction into the world of doujinshi, Najimi is fully determined to earn big bucks by becoming a doujin artist. Of course, in order to build a solid foundation to her dreams, she must first do some 'info gathering'. As this is Najimi's first time, her objective is easier said than done, and it's not without its own obstacles to brave through. Tsuyuri takes Najimi to a popular anime and game shop, and recommends her a particular eroge (LOL does this eroge exist in real life?) as a good source of reference for Najimi and hillarity ensues on her way home and upon playing the game itself (her first eroge!). Hoping for much needed tranquility, she decides to take the game to Tsuyuri's house via riding her bicycle. However, she is stopped by a policeman who wants to inspect what she is carrying. Panicked and embarrassed, Najimi runs away, only to end up getting cornered by more policemen and crashing into a pile of rubbish. When she opened her bag, she finds it empty. Eventually, a man who is a store clerk in the shop that she went in previously found the game and return it to her.

Drop Some Porn
NOTE: In case you're wondering what's the name of that store clerk dude, I'll spoil it for ya even if you haven't reached Episode 4: it's Junichiro Hoshi.

Doujin Work 03
Najimi created her first doujinshi titled Love Typhoon under the pen name Beauty Love, causing a bit of misunderstanding with Tsuyuri and Justice when she used the term 'given birth'. Najimi asked Tsuyuri for her opinion on her doujinshi. Feeling reluctant to answer, Tsuyuri dodged the question and instead focused her attention on the quality of Najimi's paper and printing. During the Comiket convention, Najimi finds it difficult to sell her doujin. Later, she was surprised to find the store clerk guy from the previous episode checking her doujins. Najimi freaks out, accusing the man of trying to sexually harrass her, which caused a commotion among the crowd of customers. Things become livelier when she hugged the man for buying her doujins. The crowd's jubilation was short-lived though: Tsuyuri explains that they will not necessarily get hugged by Najimi for buying the doujins. The crowd eventually dispersed, leaving Najimi with 29 unsold copies. Still under the wrong impression, Justice confronts the store clerk guy, thinking that he's Najimi's 'partner', accusing him of being 'treacherous'.

Tsuyuri Smirk
NOTE: Episode 3 has a number of QUALITY, but considering that this is a low budget anime, I'm not too bothered with it at all.

Doujin Work 04
Tsuyuri heard from Najimi that she has gotten herself a part-time job, but kept the location of her workplace a secret. This leads Tsuyuri to follow Najimi with Justice and Sora tagging along. They eventually discovered where she's working at: a cosplay cafe. Without even considering Najimi's pride, Tsuyuri, Justice and Sora stepped into the cafe, expectedly irritating Najimi. Tsuyuri even toyed with Najimi by asking her to write "Najimi is a dirty girl" with ketchup on the omelette rice that Sora ordered. Justice once again confronts the store clerk guy named Junichiro Hoshi who is a regular customer at the cafe. He proudly proclaimed himself as Najimi's childhood friend and, without any sense of embarassment, told the Hoshi-kun that he even bathe with her when he was a kid. Hoshi-kun countered Justice's claim using the cafe's point card, allowing him to get a picture taken with Najimi. It was later 'sabotaged' by Tsuyuri. Justice showed his protective side by claiming that Hoshi-kun is stalking Najimi, but had mistakenly given out her real name. Najimi finally admits that the reason why she worked at the cafe is its close proximity to shops where she can get 'reference materials' for her future doujins.

Tsundere Cafe
NOTE: The place that Najimi works in during Episode 4 exist in real life, called Akiba Toranoana.