Welcome to Superior Hobby Complex and thank you for visiting our website!

Superior Hobby Complex is a pop culture news and entertainment website that covers four major topics: anime, figure, Gundam, and video games.

We are a small, humble website run by no-name contributors who live mostly in Southeast Asia. In the vast open space of the world wide web, we are a mere tiny blip surrounded by bigger, more established websites that virtually outgunned us in every aspects! Nonetheless, we are optimistic that if given time and your continuous patronage, our website can grow into a force to be reckoned with!


Despite how deliberately edgy the name of this website is, we believe that no types of hobbies, from gaming to collecting toys, are superior over the other. Any type of hobby takes a healthy amount of financial investment, years of patience, and an everlasting passion to keep the momentum running. Not all hobbies are made equal, but all hobbies are unique and enjoyable in their own ways.

The more honest truth behind the name is that we wanted a unique title that makes us stand out from the rest. We feel flattered that the website's name got your attention!


This website was founded somewhere in mid-2006 by Zim Kajima under the name "Superior Internet Content!". At the time, the website was a semi-personal blog, but it also covered animes, video games, figures, and occasional weird or interesting news (some of the older posts still remained here for your curiosity). The website was abandoned somewhere in mid-2008 in favour of a self-hosted website under the Wordpress platform, named "Superior Internet Content! x2", continuing on with more of the same topic, until the website's closure in 2013.

In early 2016, after witnessing how the Blogger platform had improved tremendously within the eight years of absence, and upon taking lessons from other popular websites using Blogger as its platform, it was decided that the then derelict "Superior Internet Content!" was to undergo an extensive revival process, bringing us to where we are today.