Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Remembering An Old Blog From Eight Years Ago. An Uncertain Future Lies Ahead...

If I still have my old Wordpress site, this would've been its eighth year running. Can't believe that I'm now back to where it all began.

Ten years ago in 2006, I opened up this website, titled "Superior Internet Content!". Two years later, I moved to a self-hosted Wordpress site. As time goes on, I gradually lost interest in writing due to low visitors, even lower engagements, and inability for my website to recuperate its annual domain + hosting cost even with a year's worth of advertisement. Somewhere around three to four years ago, I let that website die on its own.

Now I'm back to where it all began. After eight years of leaving this old Blogspot site derelict, I'm now putting it to good use once more. Thanks to the rapid growth of the social network, I see more and more reason to get back behind the keyboard. 

I wanted to create contents and engage with my readers and visitors. I wanted to make more Youtube videos and see how people react. I want to write something more than just press releases and product announcements; something original, opinionated, and well-written from my own perspective. I hope this time, things will finally work out.

Anyway, if anyone felt like writing anything related to animes, collectible toys (figures, gunplas, etc), or video games but are discouraged by tedious maintenance, feel free to buzz me. I'm opening up slots for writers/contributors to my Blogspot. Just have a Google Plus account handy!