Saturday, July 30, 2016

Ikkitousen - Yagyu Mitsuyoshi Swim Wear Ver. - Possibly The Rarest, Most Expensive Figure For The Series Gets A Production Re-Run!

Good luck getting the money and trying to find more pictures for it!

For a surprisingly reasonable pricetag of US$534.99, you can place an order at Play Asia for the astronomically lavish 1/6 scale figure re-run of Ikkitousen's Yagyu Mitsuyoshi, sporting white sidetie bikini, and accessorized with an ice-cream and an inflatable pool float.

Although Ikkitousen's line of PVC figures are not exactly known for having economically sound digits on their SRP, just like this US$262.99 Dragon Destiny Ikkitousen 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure of Choun Shiryu, this may be one of the few, perhaps the only Ikkitousen PVC figure to hit above the US$500 mark!

The use of polystone rather than standard PVC material used in most figures likely contributed to the massive increase in Yagyu Mitsuyoshi's overall cost. The figure's relatively large 27cm height (1/6 scale) and excellent sculpting as well as crisp paint job adds to the cherry on top (the white high heels are a nice touch).

First released in 20th April 2014, it had sold out its preorders and went out of production for quite some time after its release date; a testament that no pricetag is too big if you're really a diehard fan of the anime series! Then again, Ikkitousen IS a fanservice heavy anime with stellar lineups of waifus, so merchandising the hell out of its female characters is pretty much the name of their game!

Interestingly enough, photos of this particular swimsuit figure of Yagyu Mitsuyoshi are rare, aside from these few low resolution promotional photos found on the Internet. I tried looking all over the Internet for buyer photos and reviews, but to no avail. This might possibly make it the rarest Ikkitousen figure, as well as the most expensive!

Be sure to check out Play Asia for more Ikkitousen figures and merchandises. If you're an absolute masochist who gets turned on by frequent loan shark abuse, Play Asia also has various insanely priced collectible toys and figures in stock! Or you can check out our top 5 list of Senran Kagura PVC figures for just under US$100!