Thursday, March 17, 2016

Germany Unbans Fallout 3 After A Long Legal Battle With Bethesda, Here's Why It's Irrelevant

Last month, Germany decided to remove Fallout 3 from its list of banned video games. But who really cares?

After a long, costly legal battle, Fallout 3 was finally removed from the list of banned video games in Germany. An eight year old game, finally getting unbanned, in Germany. Cue people on the streets celebrating and cheering while mass amounts of fireworks were launched into the night sky. Anyone wanna stop building and protecting settlements in Fallout 4 because of this tremendous legal victory?

We're talking about a really old game that has already been succeeded by a far better, more expansive sequel. Tell me, what are the chances that you may inadvertently pirated Fallout 3 long ago and enjoyed the entire game in its full, uncensored glory? Or had picked up Fallout 3 Game Of The Year edition for cheap during a Steam sale?

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