Saturday, July 21, 2007

Doujin Work And Moetan: An Aspiring Doujin Artist And An Engrish Speaking Magical Girl?

 Of aspiring doujin artists, Engrish-speaking magical girls and a brand new 500GB hardrive.


Doujin Work 01
Having lost her previous job at a convinience store, Osana Najimi decides to become a doujin artist after gaining 'inspirations' from her close friend and classmate Tsuyuri during a Comiket convention. While the world of doujinshi and Hentai gave her a culture shock, Najimi is determined to become the best doujin artist in the scene for the purpose of her own personal gain: PROFIT.
NOTE: The anime version differs slightly from the 4-koma. See the "Anime & 4-Koma Comparison" below.


Doujin Work 01B
Osana Najimi
An aspiring new artist who wanted to become the next big thing in the doujinshi scene, driven by her urge to reap massive profits. Her full name means "childhood friend" in English.

Despite her innocent looks, Tsuyuri is already a seasoned artist in the doujinshi scene and is infamous for doing largely sadistic doujins, often involving rape. The name of her doujin circle is Panty Revolution.

This Isnt Yuri
Justice is a popular doujin artist who often sells tens of thousands doujins at a single event, though he doesn't earn much money due to the high production cost and low selling price per doujin, affirming his views that the reader's enjoyment of his works are more important than profit. He's also a lolicon and doesn't seem to mind showing his open affections to Sora.

Sora Kitano
At the time of writing this entry, there isn't much information yet about Sora (in both anime and English-translated 4-koma), besides knowing that she had some form of relationship with Justice and might possibly be Justice's assistant (and girlfriend?).

Pantsu Kakune

Anime & 4-Koma Comparison:
In the 4-koma, Najimi was first introduced to the world of doujinshi while she was talking to Tsuyuri during school hours. The anime's version however, took place while Najimi was on a train with Tsuyuri who offered to pay her in return for her assistance in the Comic Market. The 4-koma also never mentioned anything about Najimi having worked in any previous jobs while the anime had mentioned that Najimi once worked in a convinience store.

Yet another 4-koma turned anime after Hidamari Sketch and Lucky Star (2007 = year of 4-koma animes?). If you enjoy Genshiken, you might probably dig this. Each episode is only around 15 minutes long. Spoon and Your-Mom is currently subbing this. Your-Mom's video quality is below average at best, while Spoon seems a tad slow, but the best one in terms of subtitle and video quality. None of the two fansub groups had karaoke subs for both the OP and ED so far.



Moetan 01
Nijihara Ink stumbles upon duck. Duck is from an alternate universe. Duck wants Ink-chan to become magical girl.10/10 BEST STORY.

Moetan 01B
I-it's not like you're being encouraged to download it or anything.

Loli Blood Awaken
Oh yeah, the duck is a thinly-veiled Onsokumaru minus Norio Wakamoto.