Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lucky Star Episode 3 Reference Guide

 Left stumped and confused with Lucky Star Episode 3? Here are some of the things I've found so far in that episode.

Upon downloading and watching the third episode of Lucky Star, the viewers of this anime may be left with any of these responses in their mind:1. "WTF IS THIS?"
2. "LOL wut?
3. "I am teh Weaboo. There's nothing about Japan that I don't know."
4. "SAGE for Sucky Star."

No matter how varied the responses may be, I'm sure a large majority of non-Japanese viewers like us are left stumped and confused with all the obscure references, which are often Japan-centric and completely unheard of with outsiders. However, via optimizing my special ability of not being lazy, I actually bothered to use Google and Wikipedia to do some intelligence gathering, following every words and terms mentioned in that episode, minute by minute.

Here's a list of all the references and random stuff that I managed to decipher in Lucky Star Episode 3. The subtitles that I'm following is that of the a.f.k version; other fansub groups may differ in terms of translation and accuracy. Kudos to Google and Wiki for helping me out.


- When Konata said "Same with ManaKana" (05:24), she's referring to a JPOP idol pair named ManaKana who are fraternal twins.

- Ladybug Samba (06:50) is a bonus soundtrack/music in Neon Genesis Evangelion: Addition OST. 'Punk version' that Konata mentions is probably a remix (not in the same album).

- When Konata mentions Angel Salvia (08:21), she's probably referring to a Shoujo manga and anime called Wedding Peach. A further reference to the same manga/anime can be found on 08:24 when she told Miyuki that "Your hair makes you look more like Daisy".

- 'Beho*mi' and 'I***zun' (08:46) are magic spells found in the Dragon Quest game (aka Dragon Warrior in early US releases). The game's series is ongoing, from the old Famicom/NES all the way to Playstation 2 and Nintendo DS.

- 09:29 Conan and Kindaichi.

- When the girls were discussing about oddities found in animes and mangas where they tried to bring realism and logic into the discussion (oh noes, God has killed a catgirl!), two animes were parodied:

i) 11:13 to 11:17 it's Cromartie High School!

ii) 11:29 to 11:31 is Pani Poni Dash!. The censored name is that of Rei Tachibana, as the girl with glasses parodied in this anime resembles her.

- From 12:21 to 12:25, Konata mentions the names of game consoles: Pippin, 3DO, and PS2. A little bit of extra info: Pippin is a hybrid console/computer made by Apple Inc. in the mid-1990's. Costing a stomach-bursting USD599 pricetag during its launch, Pippin was an instant failure in the videogame market dominated by the N64, PS1 and Saturn.

- The game in 12:42 is a parody of Virtua Fighter.

- Tanabata (13:46) is a Japanese star festival held on the 7th of July. Tsukasa and Kagami were mentioned to be born on that date.

- I have no idea what is Ponytail Day (14:32). Since both Google and Wiki failed, We can only use Konata's description as proof it exists and is held on the 7th of July.

- QUO cards (16:21) are probably gift cards (or collectible cards?) of somekind. Forgive me, I am unfamiliar with moonspeak but in case you're literate in em', can you translate or understand the contents of this homepage for me?


- No idea what is Comp Festival. Is it short for 'Computer Festival'?

- During the Lucky Channel segment, 21:26 speaks the complete thruthery. Isn't it sad, Akira?

- The ending song is the OP song for Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu titled Sore Ga Ai Deshou by Shimokawa Mikuni.