Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Apple Propaganda Revives The Mongol Horde

Apple fans are certainly fruitier than others.

Angry “Apple” Fan Throws a Tantrum... And a Dell PC

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - A teen who wanted an apple Macintosh computer (mac) for Christmas after seeing one of the ubiquitous apple ads on the apple website, but instead got to inherit his father’s older Windows PC, finally got mad early Saturday morning and threw out the inherited Dell PC out of the window in a bizarre case of life imitating “the internet world”.

The 16 year old boy, Dam Enkhbayar, threw out the computer after it froze while he was downloading video files online. The boy said, “If this had been a Macintosh, I would never have had this problem.”

In a debate that has been raging online since the early era of computers, the Mac vs PC debate, the high school student took that debate a little bit further by actually acting on it when he threw the PC out the window.

Said the dad, Mr. Tsolomon Enkhbayar, “I knew he was passionate about getting a Macintosh computer, but I never thought it was that passionate.”

The dad also said that the boy had initially wanted a video iPod for Christmas but instead agreed to settle for a computer thinking that he would get a new Macintosh computer.

“I don’t understand his anger. When I was his age, I had to make do without a television. Not even a color television, but a small black and white TV. That’s what we had. One small black and white TV for the entire neighborhood! And he’s mad that he didn’t get the computer he wanted?” raged the father through a translator.

And the debate goes on, it seems.