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A further upgrade to my old kitbash.

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About a year ago, I made a 1st SFG ODA kitbash using primarily parts from Toy Soldier and posted it in One-Sixth Warrior. Here's the original thread. Although I was satisfied, I personally think I could do better to "upgun" the figure a bit more. I decided to switch his role from a rifleman to a machinegunner, making him the first 1/6 figure in my collection armed with a machinegun (most of my figures have plain vanilla M4 SOPMOD). The custom painted DID XM8 (see this thread) that the figure used to hold goes into my armory storage for future use. Originally, I intend to equip the XM8 onto any possible Multicam kitbash that I might come up in the future, but scrapped my plans upon hearing the news of Toy Soldier's FN SCAR. Hopefully I will come up with something so that the DID XM8 won't be left to waste.

1st SFG ODA SAW Gunner


The 1st Special Forces Group is a U.S. Army Special Forces unit that was activated on 24 June 1957 at Camp Drake, Japan. It was among the first group of the Special Forces to be officially formed. The group is responsible for operations in the Pacific. Currently, the First Battalion is stationed in Okinawa while the 2d and 3d Battalions are stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington.

SOURCE: Wikipedia

1st SFG ODA SAW Gunner

A Special Forces company consists generally of six ODAs (Operational Detachments Alpha) or Alpha Detachments. Formerly, they were referred to as "A-teams", but this has fallen out of favor since the 1980s. The number of ODAs can vary from company to company, with each ODA specializing in an infiltration skill or mission set (e.g. HALO, combat diving, mountain, maritime operations, etc).

1st SFG ODA SAW Gunner1st SFG ODA SAW Gunner1st SFG ODA SAW Gunner
1st SFG ODA SAW Gunner1st SFG ODA SAW Gunner1st SFG ODA SAW Gunner

An ODA typically consists of 12 men, each of whom has a specific function on the team. The ODA is led by an 18A, usually a Captain, and a 180A who is his second in command, usually a Warrant Officer One or Chief Warrant Officer Two. The team also contains the following enlisted men: one 18Z, usually a Master Sergeant, one 18F, usually a Sergeant First Class, and two each of the B's, C's, D's, and E's. The B's, C's, D's and E's work in senior/junior roles with the seniors, ideally having the rank of Sergeant First Class, and the juniors having the rank of Staff Sergeant or Sergeant.

SOURCE: Wikipedia



- M9 Pistol Magazine x3 (15rds)

- Interceptor Vest (Tan) w/ Groin Plate
- M249 SPW w/ Handgrip, Bipod & M145 Scope
- Water Bottle

- Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Full Set w/ Belt
- Beretta M9 Pistol
- Desert Boots
- Figure w/ Nomex Gloves (OD)
- Glowstick (Purple)
- Khaki T.T. Style Modular Padded Belt
- Kneepads (ACU)
- M148 Radio w/ Swimmer Headset & Broadband Antenna
- M16/M4 Magazine x2 (30rds)
- MICH TC-2000 Combat Helmet (ACU)
- MOLLE Drop Leg Platform (ACU)
- MOLLE Patrol Backpack (ACU)
- MOLLE Pouches (ACU, various configuration)
- Patches & Insignias
- Scissor
- Sunglasses

1st SFG ODA SAW Gunner


Here are a few work in progress kitbashes:


Marine Force Recon CQB

Made only a few changes: switched the standard Hot Toys USMC Goggle to a AFA ESS Goggle (OD). The lesser quality Zacca M4 CQB has been switched to a far suited Hot Toys M4 CQBR. I currently need more MOLLE pouches for the vest and newer cloth boots to replace tha ageing BBI molded boots. If I have better buying power, I'd probably go for Toyriffic's BHI Plate Carrier Set (for the pouches) and Very Hot's Oakley Boots. Currently, my Paypal account is still pending for further verification (already submitted my debit card number), so any help to bring these two items are appreciated.


Delta Operator A-Stan

First bearded figure! Also made my first 'plastic surgery' by implanting the soft rubber arms onto the figure chopped off from a crappy Very Hot muscular figure. It gives the figure a tougher, meaner look while at the same time covering the exposed joints. On the downside, articulations became limited due to the rubber arms tendency to snap back into unbended positions and I screwed up a bit on the right arm (click to see picture). I'm trying to find a way to make a realistic bandaged arm (any picture source? Suggestions on materials needed?) so I could at least try to make the damage a 'natural' part of the kitbash. It's almost complete and the only things I need now is an AK-47 (with an attached grenade launcher if possible) and cloth half gloves from 21st Century Toys. Random close-up shot here.


Random Youtube video of the day: Hitler gets his Xbox Live account banned.

Special thanks to Benjamin Takeyo for the video.

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